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Roley's Pacific Supply FAQ's

Q: Do you sell boots?
A: Yes, Danner brand.

Q; Can you make up a replacement hose for the one that blew out on my tractor?
A: Yes, bring us the old one so we can match fitting type and hose size.

Q: I have a special hose on an older car that is obsolete, can you help me?
A: Probably, we can use your old fittings to fabricate something we can use on new hose assemblies

Q: Do you refill fire extinguishers your self, or do you send them out?
A: We refill them right here. Usually a one day turn-around.

Q: My fire extinguishers need inspection to meet fire code. Should I bring them to you, or can you come to me?
A: You can bring them to us. We do offer inspection service at your location. We not only can inspect the extinguishers, but our knowledgeable staff can advise you on the correct type of extinguisher to use for your protection, and proper placement to meet code, and also to keep you and your occupants safe.

Q: Can you make a water discharge hose a special length for my irrigation system
A: Yes, we make most of our hoses to customer specs.

Q; Do you sell stainless steel hose and fittings for extraction?
A: Yes, we custom make hose assemblies to your specification, and we have the stainless adapters, valves, gauges and many things extractors require

Q Do you have extraction solvents in stock?
A: Yes, we have solvents and filtering media as well.

Q; Do you have stop/slow paddles, vests, and hard hats for flaggers?
A: Yes we do